Nov 152010

One thing I discovered on my memorize-away-from-the-keyboard experiment is that I can look at a page of sheet music and hear it a lot better than I used to be able to. I am not to the level of looking at a score, atonal music, or music with a lot of accidentals and getting very far. Mozart and Beethoven (carefully chosen) are not too hard.

I’m starting with Beethoven’s variations in A on the song “Quant e piu bello l’amor contadino”. This is a fairly simple theme and the variations don’t look too formidable. I think I have the theme and 1st variation nailed. Next step is to try it blindfolded.

Nov 152010

I can say that this would be a good exercise to do for any musician, at least occasionally.

When I first sat down at the piano, I tried to center myself using my arms stretching out to each side of the piano. I tried to hit middle C and missed it. Got it pretty easily by ear, though, without too much hunt and peck. (The first to C’s of the first piano solo in Gershwin’s Concerto in F has burned the sound of C into my brain).

I first tried “I’ve got the world on a string”, and after some hunting around I found my first intro chord. Kinda flubbed the second chord of the verse, but got it pretty quickly. This is the point of doing this exercise. Using eyes, I was a little weak on the tactile distance between the 1st and 2nd chord. It’s better now.

Moved on to “If I only had a brain/Over the rainbow” medley I do. Again, a little bit of hunting for the opening F chord. From there, it went pretty well, until the Bb came up. This is the same issue as mentioned in the previous paragraph. I seemed to “lose” it, though, which proves if you have to stop and think while playing you are probably about to blow it.

I’ll try the same, next time see if there is improvement.